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Seed Potatoes

Posted by Wartime Gardener

You can work out the quantity you will need fairly easily if you remember that seed potatoes usually average 5 or 6 tubers to the pound, and that a convenient distance to plant early varieties is a foot apart; other varieties 15 inches apart. Yields from allotments and gardens are usually less than from an equal area of potatoes on the farm. One important cause is unsatisfactory seed. No amount of manure or good cultivation will make up for the initial disadvantage of poor seed. It is unwise to save for seed potatoes grown in allotments or gardens. So get good seed carrying a “Health” certificate issued by one of the Agriculture Departments. That is your safeguard. Consult some knowledgeable local grower about this and about the varieties best suited to your district. Here are some selected varieties for your guidance : -

Epicure, Arran Pilot, Sharpe’s Express, Duke of York, May Queen, Ninety-Fold.

Dunbar Rover, Great Scot.

Majestic, King Edward VII, Arran Banner, Gladstone, Kerr’s Pink, Redsking, Up-to-Date, Arran Victory, Arran Peak, Dunbar Standard.

As soon as you get your seed potatoes, place them in shallow boxes with the crown or rose end upwards, and keep in a cool, dry place with plenty of light, but frost-proof. Make quite sure by covering in severe weather. Sprouting potatoes makes for earliness and high yields.

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