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Look To Your Fruit Trees And Bushes

Posted by Wartime Gardener

Earlier in this “Guide” we have advised you to prune and spray your fruit trees and bushes before the end of January.
Pruning fruit trees is a complicated job; if you have never done it you would be well advised to get a friend fairly skilled at the job to prune your trees for you. Watch him carefully while he is doing it and get him to explain why he is making the various cuts, so that you will get to know how to do it yourself. Very often more damage is done by unwise pruning than if the trees were left unpruned, and it is necessary to know a little about the reasons for pruning before starting. Briefly, the aim is to train the tree into a good shape, to prevent it from becoming a tangled mass of branches that would exclude light and air and to encourage the production of fruit buds and regular cropping.
Pruning bush fruits is usually somewhat easier than pruning tree fruits.

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