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Look At Your Stored Crops

Posted by Wartime Gardener

Inspect all crops you have in store. Potatoes, onions, shallots, carrots, beet and turnips should be looked at every few weeks, just to make certain that they are safe from frost, wet, rats and other enemies, removing any that show the first signs of decay.

Look After Your Tools

Posted by Wartime Gardener

The wise gardener will examine his tools now and see if any need to be replaced. If so, he will buy them now. Retailers cannot get supplies easily, and if you put off buying until the last minute you may find the tools are not available until it is too late.
A little care is well worth while. Many a tool has had years taken off its useful life by being allowed to rust in a damp shed. No good gardener lets his tools rust, for he knows they take more energy to use when their surfaces are dull.

Here are a few tips for keeping them in first-class order :-

  • Never put your garden tools away dirty. Wash off any soil adhering to them and dry them with an old cloth.
  • Always wipe them over with an oily rag before putting them away.
  • Don’t leave them lying about where they may rust or rot.
  • The best way to keep them in good condition is to use them often.

Make sure of your fertilizers now, so that you will have them at hand when needed. 42 lb. of “National Growmore”, the Government approved fertilizer, is enough for a 10-rod (300 sq. yds.) plot, and on page 4 we have told you how to use it.