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Monthly Guides To Getting Better Results From Your Vegetable Plot And Your Fruit Garden

About Allotment And Garden Guides

Posted by Wartime Gardener

The Ministry of Agriculture published 12 monthly gardening and allotment guides in 1945 to help people be more self sufficient and productive during the ‘dig for victory’ times when food was scarce.

Allotment And Garden Guides

“In this new series of monthly “Guides” we are out to help you to get better results from your vegetable plot and your fruit garden. Every month we shall try to do three things : first, we shall remind you of the things that ought to have been done, but may not have been possible because of the weather or for some other reason; secondly, we shall deal with gardening operations for the month; thirdly, we shall look ahead a month or two and remind you of what you need to do in readiness.”

* Please bear in mind that the monthly advice given on this website is from British Wartime Allotment and Garden Guides circa 1945. Some products will not be available any more, there may be addresses given or pamphlets mentioned that no longer exist, some products or recommendations  may not  be advisable or even allowed (I’m thinking particularly of any chemicals that may be mentioned in these guides). The information from these guides is provided ‘as is’ for historical and horticultural interest. Please do your own due dilligence if you wish to make use of any of these gardening tips.

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